Here's the awards I won for contest and for the website!

Site of the Month

May 2010 ....... from Staring at the Sun ....... Award

Elle's comment: I'm awarding my May SOTM to Sophie at Leaving You Behind. I am just constantly blown away by Sophie's level of skill. She has flawless coloring and perfect constrasting, she makes blending caps looks absolutely effortless,each peice just seems to glow with utter refine. Sophie runs an amazing site, continually updates showcasing some of the best work online. I cant wait until Sophie delves into her coming soon sections - tutorials and textures. :)

March 2010 ....... from Shadow of the Day ....... Award

Marilyne's comment: Ah, my pal Sophie, she's so awesome. I remember when I used to enter blend challenge sites and saw her entries, I was like: "Who's that girl? She's so talented! She should have a site." and I contacted her, we talked and tada! She got herself a beautiful site, Leaving you behind, where she now displays her gorgeous artwork :) Shophie's art is gorgeously bold, super colorful and just absolutely sublime. It just shines. I love every single wallpaper, icon and banner she makes. I love that one piece will be very colorful and happy and just makes me want to smile and then she'll make another one, a dramatic piece about an heartbreaking scene and it would be just like the scene itself; beautifully sad. There's so much emotions going on in her art. Aaaaand she got me into watching Gossip Girl season 2 even though I almost gave up on the show, and I will love her forever for that because I'm now a Chuck/Blair obsessed fangirl too <3 lmao. Sophie t'es hot! Je t'aime fort, continue de rocker comme tu le fais parce que tes walls sont superbes!

December 2009 ....... from Forever Dreaming ....... Award

Steph's comment: New Month it's December. Yup it's another month for this, I had one site for two months, so I'm changing again. Sophie from Leaving You Behind is my site of the month, wanna know why? Cause she has an amazing site and she's an awesome girl, and I really love her work! Her work is so colorful and bright and gorgeous! I think everyone should go check out her site, cause she has awesome work, and she just moved to Shattered-memories! :) So please if you're looking around go look at her site too! I love her stuff, and you should go check it out!